Glace – Netflix makes us shiver with its new French series

Netflix has been anchoring lovers of suspense for a season as only she knows. After going crazy with the Mindhunter series , Manhunt: Unabomber and Dark (Awesome), he grabs his coat and sends us to the French Pyrenees. There he presents Glace, a 6-episode miniseries dubbed in all languages and completely Online on our streaming platform par excellence.

Glace – Tension in the frozen mountains of the French Pyrenees

It is clear that Glace is looking for a copy and paste pattern with the Nordic thrillers that have become so fashionable today. They look for that coldness that is masterfully transmitted from photography and that unfortunately is transmitted apart from the script and its performances.

We are in a border town in the French Pyrenees. The neighboring country has already shown us that even on Netflix it has a lot to say with its good cinema. Proof of this is the recently released ” El Ascenso “, highly, highly recommended.

As we had with El Puente, a duo of researchers with very different characters and backgrounds combine. In the case of the Danish production they ate the screen, in Glace they stayed halfway. We have Captain Martin Servaz, a grumpy veteran captain with the “No” always ready in his mouth, with a past as steeped in alcohol as in trauma and error. On the other hand, we have Irene Ziegler, who, much more modern and “happy” will be a more neutral and much less emotional reflection where the viewer should feel identified. I am not convinced by his performance, something that greatly cools the dynamism of the plot and dilutes the good work of Captain Servaz.

Ghosts of the past. Assassins of the present.

We do not want to advance the plot, because it is still a series that advances very fast. But there will be a juicy relationship between Agent Servaz, a traumatized Psychiatrist, who has become an excellent performance, and an inmate trying to imitate the charismatic and enigmatic sensuality of Hannibal Lecter.

This whole broth of culture begins to cook quickly, but intersperses excessively telenovelesque turns that cool and dilute what could be a good plate of tension. Many of the movements will be predictable, although only for the transportation of the photography, they are already worth notably.

Glace – The photograph that will leave you out of place

From the first moment, its creator Gerard Carre will look for visual discomfort. 

Conversations are not about a shot that jumps from face to face. Use a very visually intense technique where a fixed shot is inserted in a corner of the room, a zenith shot with that snow white sheet or it will simply rotate around the characters.

On a visual level, he ends up being hypnotizing and transforms Glace into something different from the American copy-and-paste Thrillers frame by frame. Transporting yourself to the mountains of France and how he transitions with powerful icy images make for a very rewarding and even lighter experience.

The music remains too lost throughout the series. The Opening will remember too much of one of the best movies of the year, Logan, because it uses a well-recognized theme of the film versioned and with some beautiful images, a version of “Hurt” by nine inch nails, masterfully versioned by Johny Cash. The rest will be no more than pre-cooked thriller music with percussion beats and soft strings in the background. Nothing remarkable.

Netflix freezes halfway with Glace

Despite having great points in its favor, such as its visual aspects and characters that redound to psychology, it has too many aspects in common with Nordic series, where they play their cards much better. As one of our favorite editors would say, it smells of smoked salmon, with some accompanying French cheese.

The cold, dimly lit performances and twists to come towards melodramatism make it an excursion that may seem too uphill. Its short duration will make us think about taking the backpack and really if we are lovers of the films genre, we will not regret it in the least. You tell us as soon as you reach the top of Glace.

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