‘The queen of the lizards’: unclassifiable reptilian love story where Bruna Cusi and Javier Botet shine

Juan González and Nando Martinez, better known as Burnin ‘Percebes, present at the D’A Film Festival Barcelona their latest impossible love story, ‘La reina de los lizards’, a very Martian romantic comedy starring Bruna Cusi and Javier Botet shot in Super 8 and it will divide the viewers. Whose side are you on?

Love out of orbit

The barnacle film begins with an ambitious overture that leaves all the cards on the table. Shot in Super 8, in unique shots and in little more than a week, its scarce sixty minutes are based on the chemistry of a delicious protagonist couple. She, a single mother. The alien. After a summer romance that comes to an end, the mission of the inhabitant of other worlds comes to an end. Or maybe not.

We are not left with actors as spontaneous as Botet, who has long since revealed himself as an extraordinary actor, not just as “skeleton for monsters”. His physique, but above all his naturalness and charisma, make him take possession of everything in which he is involved. Probably in ‘Amigo’ he is less striking because he is the protagonist (along with his friend David Pareja, protagonist of the previous directors), but there is more to see his ability to steal a movie like ‘Advantages of traveling by train’.

Taking kaiju as a template for an unimaginable romantic comedy through as low fidelity as possible, ‘The Queen of the Lizards’ is full of hits, misses, and lots of value. All this to achieve a work that, logically, will not be liked by everyone. It depends on the palate of each one, or the type of humor that is closest to us, to enter with better or worse foot.

Photo booths and cows

For my part, as a lover of all the paths that humor can travel, I have no choice but to applaud a proposal that is basically based on adding absurd scenes and uncomfortable dialogues to create an atmosphere in keeping with history. The treatment of the subtitles, the unexpected blows of humor and the imagination above all outweigh the possible dead times that we can find.

Dead times, by the way, that the sonorous verbena of Sergio Bertran, which composes a soundtrack between the Feast of the Dove and the most classic science fiction of the 50s, sounds like no other. And, beware, they are not really dead times. They are moments with weight and weight, they are sunsets and earthly places from another world. The ideal counterpoint to some of the funniest sequences in the recent Spanish underground.

The talk between Berta and the priest of Lacoste, who does not accept the clothes of little Margot, the first dialogue of the film online, in the sequence of the bathroom or his thunderous silent dialogues (yes, you read correctly) reach the highest levels of the new posthumor of the season. And try my gazpacho, which I just did and it is delicious.

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