I lost my body (2019), by Jeremy Clapin

It’s a love movie: love for parents, love for a girl named Gabrielle, and love for oneself.

Where is my body is the new animated film that Netflix released on November 22, created by Jeremy Clapin and based on the novel by Guillaume Laurante Happy Hand. The story is marked in Paris, and the protagonist is Naoufel, a boy who lived in a foster home since his parents died in a traffic accident from which he escaped unharmed.

This film is not just another animation, since one of the creators, Guillaume Laurant, is the author of the script for Amélie and you can even see a certain similarity in its soundtrack. The French film is an intimate story, in some cases slow, and mixes feelings with sensory senses.

Intimate, slow-paced story 

It is a somewhat peculiar animation, since the children’s audienceI would not understand the underlying message that it has. Well, great emphasis is placed on all our senses and how the absence of one of them makes us feel incomplete or empty. It could be said that it is a love movie, but of several types of loves, among them: love for parents, since Naoufel himself misses his deceased parents; the love for a girl named Gabrielle that he met when he was a pizza delivery boy; and self-love, the love he begins to feel himself when he fulfills what he sets out to do, the affection he experiences when he loses his hand in a workshop and how much he misses it. This is represented by small flashbacks from his childhood playing the sand with his own hand or even playing the piano with his mother.

However, not all of Naoufel’s dreams come true, because he wanted to be a pianist and in the end he could not achieve it, just like his dream of being an astronaut that we have all experienced.

Highlight feelings and the importance of the senses

The film has already won several awards, including the Best Animated Film Award at the New York and Los Angeles Film Critics Circle, won the Best Music Award at the Sitges Festival and is nominated for Best European Film in the 2020 Goya Awards.

That is why it is not the typical romantic film HD of “boy meets girl”, but rather expresses our own values  and how we should appreciate ourselves and see how far we can go, convincing ourselves that there are always other opportunities and various paths. Arguably, this film serves as inspiration for several dreamers, such as the authors themselves, creators of Amélie, who also focuses on never giving up and continuing to dream.

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